Annakapelle - St. Anne’s Chapel

Next to the Pongauer Dom

St. Anne's Chapel next to Pongauer Dom

Built in 1301 between what is now the Wagrain Road, the parish church St. Anne’s Chapel, is the last remnant of a former Gothic church destroyed by fire in 1855. The exterior and crypt were completely restored between 1995 and 2000. A new entrance to the crypt has allowed accessibility to informative exhibits. St. Anne’s Chapel is used by the evangelist community in Sankt Johann. Among the cross-barrelled arches of the lower floor is an alter containing a work of great significance. The “Majestic Saints” is an image carved in wood depicting Henry II and his wife Kunigunde (southern Bavaria, around 1530).

Summer exhibition 2017

from May until September 2017
in the basement of Anna Chapel