Alpine dance with the Trachtenverein Sankt Johann


The "Trachtenverein" of Sankt Johann invites you on 5. and 6. of August 2017 to their traditional "Almtanz - alpine dance" with music and dance on the Kreistenalm.


Programme for Saturday:
6 pm: Tugging of the Rope,
8 pm: Dance interludes by the Trachtenverein and the "Quintett Wirbelwind" will ensure everyone is in a good spirit and is greatly entertained.


Programme for Sunday:
Starting 11 a.m.: Morning pint with "Eschenauer Tanzlmusi", "Aubichi Musikanten" and dance interludes by the "D#Wolfganger" and the Trachtenverein.


Taxi shuttle (free of charge) from Bezirksgericht (local court building)/Eurofunk Kappacher to the Kreistenalm and return: 
Saturday: from 6pm until 12pm; return from 12pm until 04am every hour.
Sunday: from 10am to 01pm; return until 04pm every hour.


Entry (per event/day): Advance purchase EUR 8,00; price at the event EUR 9,00.


The event will take place in any weather!