Outdoor Sport in Sankt Johann-Alpendorf

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Hang-Gliding in Sankt Johann

From rafting on the River Salzach to canyoning through spectacular rock formations, on a paragliding tandem flight over high alpine pastures or a hike to the highest peak, Sankt Johann is a showcase for outdoor adventure.


Pleasure Elements

Rafting, canyoning, paragliding: packages include a meal and sauna visit

Information and reservations: Gernot Gruber, Tel. 0043 650 5006571, Homepage.


Paragliding & hang-gliding with the AustriaFly

The dream of flying has inspired our imagination for thousands of years. The grace and freedom of birds drifting through endless skies has long been a source of wonder - we seem fascinated by the adventure of flight. Have you ever watched a bird soaring in the sky and wondered what that would be like? A tandem paragliding discovery flight with Austriafly makes it possible! With just a few metres of silk over your head, you too can experience the joy of flying! Austriafly offers flights to all age groups with no previous experience necessary. As one of Austria’s most successful schools for paragliding and hang-gliding, Austriafly has been flying in Sankt Johann-Alpendorf for over 20 years. Austriafly employs only professional, experienced pilots – safety is the key to living your dream and floating freely, soaring silently, bird-like back to earth.

Information and reservations: Sepp Rebernig, Tel. 0043 664 4420002 oder 0043 664 3562468, Homepage.

Pleasure Elements rafting
Pleasure Elements rafting