Sport & Fun for your Winter Holiday

Various Activities in Salzburg

What to do when you are not on the slopes!

As varied as the season itself, the opportunity for winter sports in Sankt Johann’s is endless! Wizz down the Hahnbaum’s exciting tobogganing run. Play a game of tag with friends on the ice rink. Discover Sankt Johann’s winter wonderland on a leisurely walk along the Salzach River.


Tap into the fountain of youth known as cross-country skiing. There is no other sport that strengthens muscles and joints while causing so little wear and tear. “Ski wandering” is your path to good fitness and a great figure! Cross-country skiing keeps you young!


The artificial rink in the centre of town is a great way to spend an afternoon, especially for the kids!

Winterspaß in Sankt Johann-Alpendorf
Winterspaß in Sankt Johann-Alpendorf