Shopping in Sankt Johann

A modern showcase for Salzburg Province

Sankt Johann – modern, unique, fashionable

Shopping in Sankt Johann Alpendorf

Sankt Johann-Alpendorf is a showcase of urban charm and provincial flair. Wander through this lively “Town on the Salzach” and experience the unique diversity and warm hospitality that make a visit to Sankt Johann so special.  



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A shopper’s paradise

From the latest in designer fashion and “skatewear”, to handcrafted lederhosen and traditional Austrian style clothing, from jewellery and cosmetics to books, flowers or even the latest Smartphone – you are sure to find the diversity, timelessness and quality for which Austria is famous. In an age of mass markets and uniformity you will be pleasantly surprised by the individual attention you receive in the many family-owned businesses operating in the town centre. Enjoy the beautiful setting and the fresh mountain air as you wander from shop to café and back again.

Upper Village vibrating with life

Main Street, Wagrain Road, Hans-Kappacher Street and Färber Alley present the main shopping district of Sankt Johann: here the town comes to life. The area houses a cluster of boutiques inspired by a love of history and respect for tradition with niche products such as fine wines and hand-crafted chocolate. Feel free to sample the wares of Sankt Johann’s many fine retailers and don’t hesitate to ask for advice; Austria’s warmth and hospitality are more than just a rumour.

Shopping in the Lower Village

Small and intimate, Sankt Johann’s Lower Village has its own unique flair. Home to both traditional and modern shops, the street also boasts cosy guesthouses and inviting restaurants. Come and experience the unique sense of relaxed well-being offered by Sankt Johann’s Lower Village.

Expanding business along the banks of the River Salzach

A short walk from the Lower Village is the River Salzach. Efforts have been made over time to preserve the natural beauty of the river’s landscape while encouraging economic development. Along Industry Road are many shops and businesses that are not only popular locally but also offer much for visitors to the region in both summer and winter.


Welcome to the shopping town of Sankt Johann-Alpendorf!